2009 (ongoing)

Canvas Print/Bond 90gr. Laser Print. Installation, variable dimensions.

Wallpaper 1. Tacubaya, Mexico City, 2009.

This was my response to the overwhelming number of violent and pornographic images that circulate freely in Mexico City’s printed media. Pornography and blood have become the cities wallpaper, it is part of the daily commute, people there have become highly insensitive to this kind of images, and are no longer shocked by their brutality.

All of the wallpapers are constructed with scanned images from that printed media collected within a six month period. And it was showcased inside the home of curator Abril Castro, as part of the exhibit called Homesickness, where she invited artists to intervene in the different spaces of her then home.

In the center of the wall, there was a small player with short cable headphones playing on a continuous loop “What a Wonderful World”, obligating the wearer to stand close enough to see all the details hidden from a distance.