20/20 Visual Acuity

Visual acuity (VA) commonly refers to the clarity of vision, but technically rates an examinee’s ability to recognize small details with precision. Note that visual acuity is a measure of how well small details are resolved in the very centre of the visual field; it does not tell us how larger patterns are recognized.

Forced to be indoors, or to wonder the outdoors by oneself has forced many of us to notice details we had not noticed before, fixating on our immediate surroundings in a new way.

Being fortunate enough to live away from bustling city or conglomerate spaces, I’ve been working on tiles of small details I found in nature. From shadowplay to textures, patterns and glares, a deviation from the bombardment of images about empty spaces and unsettled citizens we are exposed to this year.

Inspirations and Influences

I have realized more and more that my work has been heavily influenced by these two photographers: Anton Corbijn and Robert Capa. After reviewing 20 years of photo material to redesign this website, the pattern became clear. I really more on texture and lines as I was taught by the old masters. I look for the graininess, the expression, forces, the offcuts and geometry between elements in an unconscious way. It is no wonder that I have trouble relating to the younger and brilliant photographers out there, I was just made “old school” in more ways than I dare to say.

I owe much to this to my first photography teacher, Pablo Guadiana, he was very tough and kind at the same time, dared me to see the whole in the details. Showed me the work of so many photographers from the ninetieth and twentieth centuries and he demanded a thorough analysis of their work, and for that, I am forever thankful.

In between

I have been working for months to narrow down a selection of everyday images from my past all the way up to these days. Over thousands of files revisited and that is only the digital ones. Having to scan all negatives ranging from 35mm to mid-format it is not always easy when it is almost three kilos of film to go through.

On the bright side, I am starting my first collaboration with my husband Martin Bircher. I am excited to use my AV training and 3D Modeling skills for this series that we will make. As soon as I can tell more it will be posted on this site.

Until soon…
Brenda J.

Starting from scratch.

Due to prolonged illness, I’ve had to put a hold on developing this site further, as with many other projects. Hopefully, the New Year will bring new light to all our lives.

Soon I will start to work on a new collaborative project to be presented in 2020. As soon as I may share more, I will keep you posted.

New and exciting things happening, brave steps forward and a fresh view on my current status, all happening in 2019.

Have a blessed new year.

with kindest regards,

Brenda J.