Inspirations and Influences

I have realized more and more that my work has been heavily influenced by these two photographers: Anton Corbijn and Robert Capa. After reviewing 20 years of photo material to redesign this website, the pattern became clear. I really more on texture and lines as I was taught by the old masters. I look for the graininess, the expression, forces, the offcuts and geometry between elements in an unconscious way. It is no wonder that I have trouble relating to the younger and brilliant photographers out there, I was just made “old school” in more ways than I dare to say.

I owe much to this to my first photography teacher, Pablo Guadiana, he was very tough and kind at the same time, dared me to see the whole in the details. Showed me the work of so many photographers from the ninetieth and twentieth centuries and he demanded a thorough analysis of their work, and for that, I am forever thankful.

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